BYOM is Born - Our Why?


Welcome to BYOM. 

We wanted to share our back story.

We really needed a family project. Why ?

Our family needed a purpose to positively work together as a team and to get out of our own small world during this crisis. I lost my job.  My daughter is an essential worker at our local pharmacy.  My parents and brother were desperate for PPE supplies for their healthcare facility and clinic.  We were struggling to get the kids off their devices. We we learning how to live in the "new normal". 

We wanted to teach some life lessons along the way so we can look back at this time and feel like we did some good during the “great lockdown”.  We wanted to stop feeling helpless.

So, why not start a business that could help our family and many other Canadians as well?

It has been fun to see what the kids have selected in terms of design and I have been on a very steep learning curve with an amazing team from materials for shipping to french translation to opening a facebook store.  Our fashion models had to be us on our driveway for now.

BYOM makes everything in small batches from a local manufacturing facility in Toronto. The masks are made with 2 layers of polyester fabric and a polypropylene filter, have a band around the back to make it more comfortable for the ears and are completely washable.

We have partnered with some amazing artist friends to come up with some fun, hip, designs. We want to put a smile on people’s faces (even though you won’t seem them) 😊

If you have any ideas for masks or want to sell masks yourself please send us a note.