Top 5 things to Look for in a Mask

There is so much information out there it is hard to know what things you should consider when you are purchasing a mask.

We have narrowed it down 5 key things to look for when you are purchasing a mask:

Protection —One of the many recommendations is to look for 2 or 3ply masks. Ideally you want to have a polypropylene filter in it. There are some masks out there that you can replace the filters. We prefer the ones that are built in and washable so you do not have the recurring cost. A simple test is to put the mask to the light or sun if the light shines through you may want to find a better material.

Comfort is key particularly if you have to wear your mask for long periods of time. We recommend a nice soft material that is gentle on your skin, some gaps on the side to allow for air flow. An adjustable backstrap is convenient and helps with one size fits all.

Breath-ability — is one of our requirements — the filter prevents droplets from coming out but you have to have air coming in so you can breath enough oxygen. It is good to have gaps on the sides and by space by the nose so their is air flow. Save the N95 and surgical masks for our front line healthcare workers.

Reuse — there are lots of patterns and DIY masks — you want to have the ability to wash your mask after each use or a safe place to leave for 3 days. Having a little structure like ribbing or piping will help keep its shape. Make sure to wash masks in garment bag and air dry to make them last longer.

No Chemicals — There are lots of people painting masks and using synthetic materials or colors. Do not do this. This material is against your face. It is ideal if the fabric color is from water based dyes. You do not want to be inhaling other chemicals while wearing a mask.

We had to add one more….North American Made. Support the small local businesses out there.

What kinds of characteristics do you look for in a mask?

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