What are the top 10 things our family learned in our first month of business

We are almost at the 1 month mark and boy how far we have come!  We thought we would share our top 10 things we have learned over the last month.

1. Fullfilment is fun but then it becomes not so fun.  We spent most of Friday and Saturday night preparing the packages.  It is such a visual way to see our work done.  However, eventually it got a little long so I found myself finishing things up on Sunday.  I think good to do in blocks not in long stretches.

2. QA and Customer Support - so we have made a few mistakes from sending masks to the billing address to missing a mask in an envelope.  We are getting better but having two people to work with is helpful to keep focused and ensure we are delivering the correct product to the correct place.

3. Education - this product requires education. There are a lot of concerns, fears and questions about the proper use of masks.  We are taking this very seriously and making sure whatever we do write is backed by research.

4 Product Development - This has been a fun part of the business with the kids regarding design, new products such as kid masks and sports.  What are the things we need to think about - when to start marketing it? What makes a successful design?

5. Getting Help - We are on a very steep learning curve. All of us.  We have enlisted some key folks to help us with various parts of this project from social media advice, content creation to advisory roles and public relations.

6. Amazing Partners and Artists  - We have an amazing manufacturing partner who deals with all of our requests and suggestions effortlessly and thoughtfully.  We also have some amazing artist partners that have generously shared their talent and art.  Many of these designs are going towards

7. Need PR and Communities - We need to get the word out.  There are lots of mask companies springing up.  We feel very good about our materials and the quality of our work.  We need to figure out how to share with communities and media so the world can know about us.

8. Shipping and Billing Address We got this mixed up a few times.  We are making sure we have this right.  Important lesson that hurt the bottom line.

9. Analytics - We love the reports that we get from daily to seeing the trends.  We need to learn more about this and how we can build a proper foundation so we understand what works and does not work.

10. Respect.  At times at the dinner table and elsewhere we have the normal bickering at our house but certainly at the end of our quarantine it was getting worse.  We are continually learning the importance of respect and listening to each other ideas, opinions and continually reinforcing respect.  You may even disagree but you can do it respectfully.

Thanks for sharing our journey.