Why you should consider wearing face shields in public?

My daughter is an essential worker. My brother is a healthcare provider. My parents own dementia centers in London and Kitchener Ontario. I am surrounded with family members serving and I was driven to protect them.

I did not want to take away from the front line workers at hospitals and clinics. Many of whom could not get their hands on enough PPE.

I did feel strongly that my daughter working cash at a pharmacy had to have full protection. We found a manufacturer and started to make them.

This is why we love the shields:

  1. You an see someone’s smile.
  2. It is easier to breathe.
  3. It is easier to grab a snack.
  4. You tend not to touch your face as often
  5. You are not able to touch your eyes
  6. Easy to clean — warm soap and water
  7. With a mask it gives you full protection

This is some of the drawbacks to the shield:

  1. It does not have full protection because there are more gaps on the sides.
  2. They are not the easiest to store safely so they do not get bent or damaged.
  3. They are hard to find for consumers at a reasonable price.

Our company now makes medical grade level 1 face shields in bulk and to consumers. If you are interested send us a note at sperry@byom.ca