#BlackVoicesHeard - How can we help?

We had the opportunity to partner with the amazing inspirational Soleil a third-year undergraduate law student at Carleton University.  There was quite a discussion in our house about how best to be respectful, learn and be supportive to this call. 

Soleil is extremely passionate about human rights and an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and all initiatives supporting black people.

She decided to come up with “#BLACKVOICESHEARD COVID- 19” masks. The purpose of the #BLACKVOICESHEARD COVID – 19 masks is to show support for the black community in light of recent events.

Her mission is to connect people from all around the world, of all; races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds and to encourage them to stand in solidarity with the Black community as the injustices that black people continue to endure can no longer be ignored.

Everyday black men, black children and black women are being killed at an astonishing rate. Their lives are taken away solely because of the colour of their skin.

As simple as they may be, she wanted these masks to be a catalyst for change. The purpose of these masks is to change the narrative that is often construed by the media on what blackness means. A new narrative that draws focus on empowering black voices and emphasizing that black lives matter.

By wearing these #BLACKVOICESHEARD COVID-19 masks you are able to stand in solidarity with the black community while taking the necessary precautionary measures to ensure your safety in the fight against the Coronavirus. While still abetting to the safeguards imposed by the government, some of which include; social distancing, frequent hand washing, seeking medical attention when needed and self – isolating if you display any symptoms of the Coronavirus.

The #BLACKVOICESHEARD masks will allow you to adhere to these restrictions and encourage you to go out into your community and take action.

The action she is  taking is not in any way associated with the Black Lives Matter Organization, rather an initiative she started to help give back to my community. 

She also stated clear ways on how to help with the change that needs to take place:

1. Sign Petitions

2. Donate money to mutual aid funds for victims, black owned businesses, BLM organizations and to protestors.

3. Educate Yourself

4. Take affirmative action to make your voices heard (protesting, videos, emails to politicians.

For us at BYOM, we are extremely grateful for having the privilege and opportunity to have meaningful conversations with Soleil. We want to help support her in her mission. We will donating 50% of the mask proceeds to black lives matter organization.

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