Lessons Learned in our Second month with BYOM

We are close to our full second month with our BYOM family project. We continue to learn many things from the challenges of PR to sourcing materials.

We have create a top 10 list of things that makes us feel a little grown up as a company.

1. We have a new sticker label printer to help making prepare the packages more efficient. This has been life changing.
2. We are currently working with 10 artists on mask fundraisers.
3. We are now on 3 platforms...soon to be 4. Our Website, Etsy, Caribou Home & soon to be Amazon.
4. We have one retail store Haven Boutique (one of my favorites) in the west end of Toronto that has been amazing opportunity for us. If you know of any other fun boutiques wanting to sell an awesome quality mask let us know. We have wholesale pricing.
5. We got our official business number.
6. We have been featured in two articles Ottawa Life and a Father's Day Gift Guide.
7. We have children masks in 3 different sizes & designs.
8. We have 3D printed adjustable back bands much better than the velcro ones we had in version 1.0. For those that were early adopters we are happy to send you updated bands.
9. We hired a kick butt book keeper to keep mom sane.
10. We have our new BYOM tag so we can brand the mask.
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