Our Partnering Artists

Christina SiderisChristina Sideris @equipoise_studio

Her series of masks are YYZ, Toronto YYZ, YYZ Dusk, Spring YYZ, Manulife YYZ and Toronto West.

Darlene KuligDarlene Kulig @darlenekulig

Darlene has a series of 9 adult masks and 3 kid masks representing each province. Donations are given Craig Kulig Memorial Foundation.

Justine FernieJustine Fernie @justinefernie_paintings

Her mask design is the Garden and proceeds go to the Toronto Arts Council to support artists.

Diana JoleenDiana Joleen @artbydianajoleen

Her mask designs include Bunee, Nouvelle Terre, Break time, Hang Tight, How R U?.  She also generously donated an art design called My Maligne Lake for the Trillium Health Foundation.

 Dave Nicholson  Facebook

Talented Outdoor Photographer 

Denise MorrisonDenise Morrison @dmorfineart

Her mask designs include Monarch in Flight and Canadian Glaciers at Night which proceeds go to Trillium Health Foundation.

Layal Annan @layalannan

Her mask designs include Patchwork which proceeds go to Trillium Health Foundation.  Her other design is called In Bloom.

Eleanor Lowden @eleanorlowden

Her mask designs include Rockets and Flower Buffet.


Allyson Schmidt ReevesAllyson Schmidt Reeves @allyson_schmidt_reeves

 Allyson's Huron Bliss art mask is going to supporting Saugeen Memorial Foundation.  She also has Sunset in the fine art collection.

 Peter Reid http://www.peterjohnreid.com/

His mask design is called Cypress Lake.  Peter generously donated this piece for the Saugeen Memorial Foundation

Hannah Beveridge  https://www.hannahbeveridge.com/

Hannah's hErvolution mask is raising money for charity hErvolution.  Her other mask design is Skateboarding Dogs.

Anita ShielsAnita Shiels @anita_shiels

All her mask design proceeds are being donated to Lemonade for Love http://lemonadeforlove.ca/ which focuses on supporting Silver Creek school. Her masks designs are Hugs and Kisses and Plumes of Purple.

Brooke PalmerBrooke Palmer @brookepalmerartist

His mask designs include When Hear Awakens, DIaphanous Lover, Passage to Heaven. Some of the Brooke's mask proceeds will be donated to Sick Kids Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Together We Fight For Tricia Go Fund Me.

Lindsi Hollend @lindsibeth

Her designs include Loopy and Fire Graffiti.

Robert PostmaRobert Postma @robertpostmaphotography

His mask designs include Shells, Polar Bear Sleeping, Northern Lights and Hiding Horse.

Michele Poirier  https://www.michelspoirier.com/

His mask designs include Big Red Canoe, Marina and Martini Racecar

Lisa Kimberly Glickman @lkglickman

Her mask is trout for all of the fish lovers out there.

Priti GirglaPriti Girgla @pritigirgla

Her mask design is  River Runs Through it

Morgan Mazelle

Her mask design is Just Breathe.  Her artwork is being used to support Sketch.ca

Kanna AnigboguKanna Anigbogu

His mask design is Afrosequential.  His art is being use to support the Sketch.ca fundraiser

Jacob Yerex @jacobyerex

His mask design called Flowers by Nalja is being used for the St Joes Healthcare Foundation fundraiser.

Peter TriantosPeter Triantos @petertriantosgalleries

His art Jellybean for Adult and Kids is being donated to Homefront.

Jane Morrow FleetwoodJane Morrow Fleetwood @

Her mask is Gold Point.

Meaghan Kehoe

Sarah Heitz 

GraemeGraeme Mounsey

His mask designs include Monster and Poppy for Remembrance Day.  He is also our in house mask designer.