Are you interested in learning more about mask fundraisers? 

Mask Fundraisers are a great way to help protect your community and support a local cause or organization.

Our current mask fundraisers are the following:

How mask fundraisers work?

  1. You need a high res digital image.  This could be a logo, photo contest winner, artist, graphic design and/or purchased graphic.  We have many partnerships with artists as well that we can help you partner with for the imagery.  There is a 50 mask order minimum if a custom logo and if we can sell the mask on site to everyone we are able to sometimes wave that minimum.
  2. We create a mask proof to make sure you are happy with the design.  
  3. Once the imagery is approved we go to print and we are ready to sell the masks or ship them 5-7 business days later.  We use only water based dyes and our plant is in Mississauga so this is also helping folks secure work.
  4. The amount you make per mask depends how much you charge for the mask.  If the mask is sold on our site we will also donate money per mask sold.  You can also buy some mask inventory and sell it yourselves.
  5. The most successful fundraisers are when all parties promote and share the information.

 For more information:

Please email Sperry at for more details or any questions you may have.