1.  When should I wear a mask?

You should wear your mask when you are going to places that you are not able to be socially distant (2m) from someone.  

2.  How do I care for my mask?

You can wash your mask in the machine.  We recommend using a garment bag.  You do not want to leave your mask on the counter or table put it in a plastic bag to wash.  We recommend wearing it once out and then let it sit safely out for 3 days or wash it.

3.  Should children wear masks?

Research says kids under 4 - should not wear a mask.

4.  Are you making kid size masks?

Not yet.  We are making kid size masks.  We are in the template testing mode.  We will hopefully have them ready for market mid June.

5.  How long should I wear my mask?

You should not wear your masks for long periods of time.  If you are working a 8 hour shift - ideally take

6.  Why should I wear a mask?

When you wear a mask you protect others.  Others protect you when they wear a mask.

7.  Why would I wear a shield?

8. How should your mask fit?

The non-medical face masks do not require a seal.  It is actually better to have a few air gaps by the nose and at the sides for breath ability.  Leave the N95 and medical masks to the frontline.

9.  Do you do custom orders? What is the minimum order?

Yes we do custom orders.  Before the lockdown, we were fabric and color experts manufacturing lightboxes so making the masks the same expertise is being used to make fabulous quality masks.  Our minimum order is 50.

10.  Where are your masks made?

We make our masks and our shields in our 100,000 square foot Oakville plant.  We have 2 fabric printers, 2 automated cutters and over 35 professional sewing experts to be able to provide for large and small orders.

11.  What is the turnaround time for the masks?  

We will be able to get your mask to you within 7-10 business days.  We are hoping we can get it to you sooner but the mail needs to cooperate. 

12.  I am an artist.  I would like to design a mask.

Awesome.  Send us your information and we will be in touch.  We are managing inventory and can only have so many new designs each month.  If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours do not hesitate to reach out again.

13.  My mask is damaged.

Please let us know through our customer email and we will be in contact.

14.  I would like to do a mask fundraiser how do I do this?

Please email sperry@byom.ca and some details about the fundraising initiative.