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BYOM Launch 5.13.2020

Artists Helping Artists 6.18.20 


Bring your Own Mask, provides fashionable premium quality and protection for everyone to Mask with Confidence.

With water based dyes, that are safe to breathe, these lightweight, soft fabric masks with a protective layer of polypropylene filter allow you to Mask with Confidence. Canadian made, professionally manufactured in Toronto, machine washable, sustainable, environmentally sourced a BYOM mask is the perfect fit.

With fashion and graphic masks ranging from an exclusive fine art collection by Equipoise Studio, a unique perspective of Toronto city scapes comes the debut masks collection, Justine Fernie's The Garden, and the BYOM graphics lines features an array of fun and bright imagery and colours.



Why BYOM you ask?

A family needing a purpose to positively work together as a team and to get out of their own small world during this crisis. Struggling to get the kids off their devices. They were learning how to live in the "new normal". It was important to teach some life lessons along the way so they can look back at this time and feel like we did some good during the “great lockdown”. 

“We wanted to stop feeling helpless. So, why not start a business that could help our family and many other Canadians as well?”

“ It has been fun to see what the kids have selected in terms of designs. It has proved to be a very steep learning curve, from starting a website and Facebook store to working  with amazing team with Artisan friends, to sourcing materials for shipping, to french translation, to running a full force e-commerce business!”

The BYOM brand, a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to giving back and providing protection, in a fun and fashionable way, that allows you to express yourself.     

Mask with Confidence, a campaign to generate awareness through education to protect your self and others to wear a mask. The BYOM campaign features a donate a mask to an essential worker for $10 and also is working with charitable foundations to custom design a collection for their cause. To view the BYOM full  visit Check out their social handles @bringyourownmask and remember ‘You wear a mask to protect others. Others wear a mask to protect you!’

SPERRY BILYEA, Principal: sperry@BYOM.CA

Spring Collection Product Photos