Toronto, Ontario

Family Project Turns Into Thriving Business

The Pivot From Retail Displays to Masks with Fun Designs Helps Family and Canadians

Toronto, Ontario: Today, Bring Your Own Mask has officially turned its family project into a successful online business. BYOM designs and makes everything with a local manufacturing facility in Toronto. The masks are made with 2 layers of polyester fabric and a special polypropylene filter. Using only water-based dyes for safe breathing, a band around the back for comfort and adjustability, and, completely machine washable for safe re-use making them easy on both the planet and the wallet.

Sperry Bilyea, founder of BYOM offers a unique perspective on the origin of the company. “Our family really needed a project during the lockdown to create purpose, positively work together as a team and get out of our own small world during this crisis. We were struggling to get our teenagers off their devices and were learning how to live in the new normal. My husband and I wanted to teach some life lessons along the way so we can look back at this time and feel like we did some good during the great lockdown”. 

Sperry’s original company was re-purposed from making specialized fabric artboxes to making fun, comfortable, and easy to wear fabric masks. The kids have designed the logo, branding, and graphic designs. has also partnered with some amazing artist friends to come up with some fun, hip, designs. The goal is to put a smile on people’s faces even though they won’t be seen.


About BYOM: BYOM wants to create millions of un-seen smiles and help people Mask with Confidence. The company is built on the foundation that you wear a mask to protect others, and others wear a mask to protect you. The full selection of products and designs can easily be ordered from the company’s website.


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