JELLY BEAN original fine art fashion graphic mask is a custom designed by artist Peter Triantos. It has been finely digitalized and printed, the mask provides premium quality and protection for everyone to Mask with Confidence. Lightweight, soft fabric, with polypropylene layer, water based dyes and machine washable. 

Peter Triantos generously donated his jelly bean art to support Homefront organization.

$5 per mask will be donated to Homefront

Homefront Supports frontline healthcare workers and meet unmet needs

The HomeFront is a volunteer organization working in partnership with registered charity The Upside Foundation, acting as a central hub to help Frontline Healthcare Workers get the support they need during COVID-19. 

They have 3 main goals:

 1) Collect donations to support charities that are responding on the frontlines, 

 2) Encourage and facilitate in-kind donations of the PPE, supplies and services that frontline workers need, and 

 3) Connect those who want to help with the resources, tools, connections and knowledge they need to understand where they can make a difference and take meaningful action. 

Sustainable, environmentally sourced and Canadian made!

Peter Triantos Artist -

Contemporary abstract artist Peter Triantos specializes in high-end, investment-grade fine art produced for residential and corporate spaces. Prolifically creative, he lives and works in Toronto where he has successfully represented himself for many years while further developing his innovative artistic styles. He has forged partnerships with designers, architects and developers, placing his paintings in private collections, model suites, and major lobbies across North America, Europe and Asia due to growing global demand for Peter Triantos’ neo-abstract expressionist works.

Peter Triantos creates radiant and harmonious worlds of intelligent colour, subtle yet explosive energy and vibrant emotion. Through his splashing paint technique, gestural brushstrokes, and liberal use of impasto, Triantos produces large-scale impactful works that are bold, visually striking and tender. For his many fans and collectors, he offers a euphoric breath of fresh air; he brings dynamic new ways to articulate his core belief: that art can and should be joyful, passionate and intrinsically aesthetic.

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