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Just Breathe fine art fashion graphic mask is a custom designed by Morgan Matzelle, This finely printed mask provides premium quality and protection for everyone to Mask with Confidence. Lightweight, soft fabric, with polypropylene filter, water based dyes, and machine washable. 

Sustainable, environmentally sourced and Canadian made!

$5/mask is donated to the charity Sketch.

Morgan created this piece to help support Sketch.  Sketch is a charity to support 

Art Back Story - Just Breathe with the bird and yellow background to me represents strength and hope.

Don’t Worry Be Happy with the bright colours to me brings light into the world even when it doesn’t seem like there is any. It shows me that no matter what goes on that here is always someone out there to help through difficult times. Therefore, everything will be fine, don’t worry, be happy!

Artist Bio: Morgan Matzelle @breathtakingminute

My name is Morgan. I am an artist who specializes in photography, drawing, painting and jewelry. Born and raised in a small town of Northern Ontario, I began my artistic journey when I moved to Southern Ontario. Having space to create and a public forum to sell my work has been a huge stepping stone for me. I love to get feedback and try new things as I work with a wide range of mediums.

Sketch Background

It is estimated that every year, up to 10,000 young people might be homeless in Toronto. An estimated 6,000 young people are homeless on any given night across the country.

In 2018, over 1200 young people have come to SKETCH to access food, community and skill-building opportunities in the arts.

If you haven’t seen the videos, watch below. These five Toronto Culture Influencers have supported SKETCH, where young people create a new world for themselves and a better future for us all.

Help us spread the word about the power of the arts and the creativity of young people on the margins.

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